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BlueBell's Silkies

Latest News
Latest News

After 8 Years of Primarily Breeding Silkies & Serama I have  added  a Large Fowl Breed -LF Blue & Black Cochins and another Bantam Breed Lavender or Self-Blue Ameraucana  .
Canfield Show Results 2013
BB/BV BRD White Hen Bill Robertson
RB/BV Black NB Hen Shari Evans
RV White Hen BRD Shari Evans
BV/RV Blue Hens Vanessa Gearhart Moore
BV/RV Black Hens Shari Evans
BV/RV Buff Hens Shari Evans
BV/RV Partridge Hens Shari Evans
... BV NB White Hen Shari Evans
RV NB White Roo Crazy Acres Farm
BV NB Splash Shari Evans


Junior Large Fowl

BB/BV Blue Cochin Pullet

RB/RV Black Cochin Pullet





 Had a great time with Vanessa & Aarron and too many people to list was very fun --- I also had the fun and pleasure of Judging the Maran Egg Show Congrats



my Two youngest Show Ready White Silkies - "Sissy & Sassy" Sissy was RB/RV at The Buckeye Fancy Feathers Club show This Year


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