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BlueBell's Silkies

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The Plan
It is my goal to own, breed and sell the best possible stock.
This does not mean I expect all of the birds to be (or to produce) "Show Quality". "Show Quality" is created when a judge sees a bird and determines it's score.
A Show Quality Bloodline" is one that the owners use time and care in a breeding program and then show those birds. .
Breeder Quality is a relative term: what may not fit into my stock may give you an excellant offspring result.
Pet Quality every  Bird I Buy, Sell, Trade or Barter will be that. I am not sure why that is considered the least desirable because first and foremost my birds are my pets. No matter what a purchase is intended for initially a Pet is what you have when your done.

Thank you Stopping at my Site

I have a small flock of Blue/Splash Silkies, Partridge Silkies,White and Buffs. Bloodlines include many top lines including the Blue/Spalsh Silkies I purchased from Satin Silkies Judy Reed.  I am using the Blue Silkies as Showing Stock and  Our first show  was Ohio Nationals 2006. The Buffs  are the long term future. I purchased these as Bloodline Stock to begin Bluebell Silkies....Each of my birds has been chosen for a specific purpose breeding  trait and strength that exsist in  a show quality bloodline. The Blues are perfect. they just need to get big. Ok I'll wait...

Silkie News

My Partridge Hen ( Bluebell Silkies) laid her first egg. December, 24th and 2nd Dec 25.My birds are all nicely settled in  and the chicks in the brooder are doing well. It has been a fast first year. I have added several items and am slowly developing the Bluebell Silkies Line. 
updated 06/14/2013 pictures may not be used without written permission from  photo owner and bird owner.     

My Bowl Full Of Buffs

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